Chemical Properties of the Antiviral Drug Acyclvoir

Presented are chemical properties of the antiviral drug Acyclovir, which is also known under its generic name Zovirax. This drug is used for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases including genital herpes.

It has been nearly quarter of a century since the antiviral drug Acyclovir was first approved and brought into the market as one of the most effective antiviral drugs for the treatment of genital herpes. One of the characteristics why Acyclovir has become one of the most commonly used as well as effective drug is that it inhibits low toxic properties, and acts as a resistance agent even after long duration of usage.

Another important chemical property associated with Acyclovir is that during the course of its activity against the virus such as genital herpes, the drug convincingly covers more than one affected area. In addition, the drug also acts to eliminate the growing chain of DNA’s, that have a tendency of replicating or reproducing virus, thus its activity as a “prodrug” as well.

A brief on the extremely low toxicity levels found from the usage of Acyclovir reveals that the chemistry of the drug is actually “inactivate unless it is phosphorylated. This pre-condition or pre-requisite of the Acyclovir drug is mediated by the herpes virus enzyme Thymidine Kinase, something, which is, absent in the host cells. Due to this particular property, non-infected cells are only exposed to the inactive, non-toxic, non-phosphorylated Acyclovir.

In spite of the immense popularity and safety of the Acyclovir drug, it does suffer from a drawback, one that disallows the drug to easily absorb with the plasma of the patient. Thus, it has been found that only 15 to 20 percent of the patients who were given the drug orally showed positive results as far as the absorption with the blood factor was involved. In turn, this necessitated the need for larger and continuous forms of drug therapy, which is not expensive for the average patient, the duration too may become a problem.

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Use of Acyclovir & Prevalence of Genital Herpes

There are some statistics on the prevalence of one of the most common sexually transmitted disease namely genital herpes, which has precipitated the need for drugs such as Acyclovir to gain immense popularity as an antiviral drug.

A brief on the history of viral sexually transmitted diseases, also commonly known as STDs, reveals that they have a more than negative reputation as compared to their bacterial counterparts.

This is largely due to the life long effects of infection inhibited by fear of the virus making a permanent place on the genital areas. Genital herpes being the most common ailment prior to the advent of AIDs, drugs such as Acyclovir have made it possible to not only treat the virus, but remain effective for perhaps the entire life span of the individuals.

Studies into the prevalence factor for genital herpes, which is surprisingly rated as the second or third most common infective cause of genital ulceration, shows that developing countries have a larger population as compared with the developed countries of the world.

The first and second being chancroid and syphilis respectively. It was also reported that genital herpes plays a significant role as an agent for the transmission of HIV (AIDs) virus.

Statistics to this effect show that in 1980, the prevalence rate of genital herpes in United States of America was 16 percent, a figure, which rose to more than 22 percent only a decade later.

The age factor also accounted for the prevalence of genital herpes, according to which those aged 15 years or under had less than 1 percent of the virus. This figure rose by 20 percent for those aged between the ages of 30 and 40 years. The prevalence factor eventually declined in elderly individuals.

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What makes a company Pfizer Tell about Viagra and blindness

viagra pfizerThe link between Viagra and blindness

In light of recent reports, researchers at the University of Minnesota, who claim that Viagra causes NAION or non arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, Pfizer Inc, a manufacturer of drugs most commonly used treatment in the world to treat erectile dysfunction, says that there is no conclusive evidence that Viagra does cause blindness.

The representative of the pharmaceutical giant but also confirm that the drug maker’s negotiations with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to add a disclosure on the label of Viagra, which said that in rare instances, men taking this drug was developed blindness.

The representative further went on to add that men who take Viagra often have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels, which are also associated with conditions that could cause NAION.

There are reports that Viagra may cause NAION was first brought to light, Dr. Howard Pomeranz, MD, an ophthalmologist in 2000, when he first reported the case of a man who developed NAION soon taking Viagra. Since then, several other cases of NAION have been reported after the drug was taken. In a study published by Dr. Pomerantz recently, he said, seven new cases in March this year, resulting in a total of 14 people developing NAION is possible because of Viagra. Meanwhile, the FDA also confirmed that they are investigating similar reports about 50 people.

Although Pfizer does admit that some Viagra users have reported loss of vision, the company still maintains that not enough testing to support the claim of Viagra may cause blindness. Pfizer does maintain, however, that Viagra causes some vision problems that are not common but do occur, for example, bluish or blurred vision, or sensitivity of eyes to light. Although Pfizer is considering changing the warning label, the company is still not ready to admit that Viagra may cause blindness.

To put things in context, to date there have been over 23 million users around the world of Viagra, of which only about 50 people reported blindness or non arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) in the last seven years. Although Viagra has received most of the reports of blindness in men taking impotence drugs, impotence drugs other markets, such as Levitra and Calias reported several cases of blindness or NAION.

According to Pfizer, Viagra is outside of clinical trials reported extreme loss of vision were very rare because of NAION. Those with poor eyesight have the best chance for development of NAION in the opinion of experts. People who suffer from diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol are also at greater risk of NAION as well. In addition, none of these systematic violations of firmly related eye disease, while diabetes is only a minority of cases. This disease can be very disabling, especially if both eyes are affected. And since there is no successful treatment of this eye problem, NAION may be highly destructive to human life.

With things in the air, finally about Viagra causing blindness, its parent company, Pfizer stands firmly behind drug and its effectiveness.

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How To Buy Meridia Online

MeridiaIf you wish to purchase any prescription drugs online, whether Meridia or any other drug, it is important to buy it from legitimate legal pharmacy. There are a large number of pharmacies in the network, but the problem arises when some of these pharmacies sell counterfeit or fake drugs.
Before you buy Meridia online, remember that;

* Meridia capsules do not have common substitutes are produced and Abbott Laboratories. Only buy Meridia with the brand, Abbott. This medication is used to treat weight loss in obese people.
* Meridia prescription drugs and should not be used carelessly. Meridia works only when it is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Most medicines are available online at lower prices than they are in your pharmacy area. That’s why buying drugs online is not only convenient, but it is cheap and easy as well.
To purchase Meridia online, follow these simple steps;

* The first thing to know before you can even search Meridia online is to buy a prescription drug without a prescription is illegal and the website you want to buy this medicine from not even be regulated. This is dangerous, as you can get outdated or incorrect doses of drugs like Meridia which can be extremely hazardous to your health.
* Only buy Meridia from the FDA or the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy), approved by the site.
* Never buy Meridia, or any other drug of non-US based site. Or a pharmacy that does not have an American phone number and mailing address.
* To search for Meridia online, visit any popular search engine and type in “Meridia”.
* When you get the results back, look at them carefully. It often happens that the first few sites, usually about Meridia and its dosage, and chemical composition. Look at the first site you can find a pharmacy.
* After finding the pharmacy site, read the whole site including all privacy and security of supply. If you find that this site is not clear enough or does not explain all the information needed to make a purchase, and then exit it. Always make sure that the information that you have read and clearly understood.
* Once you find a site that meets all your requirements properly and answer all your questions, and then proceed to the order list and a review of prices for Meridia. Make your decision to use this site is based on a comparison of drug prices with other sites.
* After all this, you can click on the “buy” link and order Meridia.

Buy Meridia online quickly and easily.

Just exercise common sense in choosing the right online pharmacy to buy Meridia with.

How To Buy Prevacid Online

When you purchase Prevacid online, keep in mind that it has no common substitute. This means that you should only buy Prevacid production TAP Pharma, its creator.

Prevacid comes in capsule and tablet form soluble, as well as a powder for intravenous injection, when mixed with sterile water.

Prevacid is a prescription medication, as well as with all prescription drugs, it is important to purchase it from reliable online pharmacies. Make sure the online pharmacy is FDA approved and also has NABP VIPPS ™ seal on it.

NABP is the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the seal stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, which means that the sites that carry this seal meet all federal and state laws. Buying drugs from non-US based site is prohibited as it is not legal to import certain drugs into the country.

The safest way to buy online Prevacid is to read the website you want to read extensively including the privacy and security statements. These statements can help you judge if the site you want to buy drugs on the reliability or not.

An easy way to find a reliable site to go to the search engine sites like Google or Yahoo to type in the name of the drug you want, in this case be Prevacid and press enter. When the results appear, go over them and click on the first site you will find a pharmacy. As has been said to pass through the entire site. Then make sure that e-mail address and mailing address provided are valid. To check if a valid e-mail send a blank e-mail. If mail is returned to you correctly, this means that the site is likely a fake. To check e-mail address, just call the number that most sites provide and confirm your email address. You can also confirm your email address by entering it into the search engine and check the results displayed.

If you feel that your site has any vague or incorrect information out immediately. When you find a site you can trust, they go through the price list Prevacid, remembering to compare it to another site just to be sure you are getting the best deal. Then click on the order form and voila! Within 3-4 business days your order Prevacid need to reach your doorstep.

Use common sense and gut instinct to try his. Do not buy drugs from websites that ask for any prescriptions. And never buy drugs that claim to offer amazing results.

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How to Buy (purchase) Levitra Online

Levitra is manufactured and marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and has no common substitute. It is available in tablet form and is used to treat impotence in men. This is almost the same as Viagra and Cialis.

Internet is flooded with websites that sell Levitra. But keep in mind, Levitra prescription drugs, and should not be purchased from any Web site that offers to sell it to you without prescription.

To find the FDA approved, reliable Web site, go to the popular search engines like Yahoo and type the phrase “buy levitra“.

When the results return, go over them and click on the fist-commerce Web site you’ve noticed. First check if the site is American, and number one in the U.S. phone number and address. If not, then exit the site immediately.

Only buy drugs from American sites as they may be held liable for improper execution and can be taken to task, FDA, since they fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government.

Another way to check is legitimate to find (the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) VIPPS NABP ™ (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) seal.

When you find a U.S. site, read the entire site carefully, making sure that you understand the security policy. If you can not find a site security policy to leave it. If any information on this site looks suspicious, leave it alone. Trust your intuition and common sense, if the site looks or feels risky to avoid it. Genuine online pharmacies are a lot of information readily available.

Once you’ve chosen the site most convenient for you, move to the checkout page and check prices on Levitra. They compare prices with other web site, and see where you get a good deal. But always remember, a good deal does not mean cheap. And cheap does not guarantee you a quality product.

Once you get all the information you need to buy Levitra online, and you feel at ease with him, you can go ahead and place an order for drugs. Pay by credit card. Most online pharmacies take from 4 to 5 working days for delivery of drugs to your doorstep.

In the end, the safest way to shop online drugs to use their intellect. Do not buy drugs from sites that include undocumented amazing medical results.

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How to Buy (purchase) Cialis Online

Cialis, Tadalafil, a popular online prescription medication, with almost every online pharmacies selling.

Cialis is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is similar to Viagra and Levitra. Cialis has no common replacement and is available only in tablet form. Lilly ICOS manufactures the drug.

The following pharmacies selling Cialis Lilly ICOS production on the site:

To purchase Cialis online, and make sure you buy the original drug and not some fake substitute.
Follow these simple steps

First, find a reliable online pharmacy, as EDrugStoreMD through a search using popular search engines such as Google. When the results return, click on the first site you will find a pharmacy.

It is important to make sure the pharmacy you want to get it FDA approved and has been VIPPS ™ (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) seal with the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy).

Printing means that the site is legitimate and complies with all state and federal laws. Do not buy drugs from a site that that does not have an American phone number or address.

Also, make sure you read the website carefully, including privacy policy. Never buy drugs from a site without a clear privacy policy. Also, if the site has any ambiguous information to leave the site immediately, it’s probably fake.

Now, if you feel the site you’re on fairly trustworthy, go to the page with a list of prices and check prices for Cialis. The price of this medication should not be very cheap, as it still medicine. If this additional cost to be careful, as the drug is to sell the site and the site may be forged.

Once you have moved the entire site and feel that meets all the requirements, you can buy Cialis from this site with your credit card. Credit cards are the safest way to shop online.

* Always buy drugs from U.S. online pharmacy with a working phone number and address. If at any time you are not sure the site you can always give a quick call at the number listed and check any information you require.
* Avoid pharmacies that sell drugs without a prescription, such as Cialis. This medication should be taken under medical supervision. It is not intended for recreational purposes.
* Do not purchase any drugs from the sites that claim amazing results or results that are not documented.
* Never buy a generic substitute for any drug, if approved thesubstitute FDA.

Always buy drugs like Cialis from the original manufacturer, which in this case, Lilly ICOS.

Click to Buy Cialis Online